About Me

Howdy! You have stumbled across my website, and I'm glad you're here. Over some time I've come across a number of things I wanted to discuss, or post, but my current venue for doing that, was my company's website. However, I don't feel that it's the right place for me to be talking about side projects and other OOS contributions that do not directly pertain to the business, so I wanted a site for that!

I'm a country boy, turned web developer, entrepreneur, and SEO marketer.  I founded The Red Theory in 2007, and operate a number of other projects as well.

Outside of work, I am a competitive racquetball player, and the National Director of Website and Internet Technology for World Outdoor Racquetball.  I try to balance that with a good mix of cycling, running, and a general love of craft beers!
Feel free to connect with me through the available social media channels to chat about anything you see here, or to discuss my availability for other projects!

Also, in case you've been wondering how to pronounce my name -- I've got you covered: