Digital Strategist & Entrepreneur

Companies & Projects

Here are some of my companies & projects!

Tidy Beards

Tidy Beards is a beardcare company, specializing in Certified USDA Organic beard oils, balms, & waxes, as well as natural beard soap.

The Red Theory

The Red Theory is a fullservice web development and SEO agency. Specializing in building and marketing web-based applications.


RacquetBox was a Racquetball Subscription Box - Business ceased to operate as a subscription, and is mid-pivot :)

Web Projects

Less Serious Web Projects

  • HexName - leetspeak HTML color code tool

Charity / Non-Profit work

  • World Outdoor Racquetball - Governing Body of Outdoor Racquetball
    • Manage web properties
    • Currently sitting on governing board
    • Help anywhere else possible!